Dare Motivational Shake

Dare Motivational Shake is a Nutritionally Complete powdered plant based beverage that can be used as a Nutritious snack or as part of a Meal Plan. Motivational Shake contains a bespoke all-in-one blend of seeds, superfoods, herbs, phytonutrients, pre- and probiotics and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving is dosed at the right levels for a perfect balance of complete protein, essential fats, Omega-3, slow-releasing complex carbs and fibre for a ridiculously TASTY, FILLING, NUTRITIOUS and MOTIVATING all-purpose Shake. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you simply just need to add water or milk and voila! If you’ve got time you could be creative and blend with bananas and all your other favourite ingredients.

Why would I use the motivational shake?

Balanced Nutrition is key to feeling healthier and happier and therefore can bear a direct influence on your day to day motivation and your ability to feel like you are performing at your peak everyday. In an ideal world, we would all have time to carefully prepare a wholesome balanced meal that meets all our complete nutrition requirements, unfortunately, this is not always possible as we all lead increasingly busy lives. Most of us often resort to empty calories “junk food” that is convenient and quick, but is sadly at the detriment of our health and our nutritional needs – recall those rushed work lunches snacking on a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar or a burger. Perhaps you can also recall the afternoon pick me ups as the lunch you had was just “empty calories” and could not keep you full until dinner. The Motivational Shake is a convenient and healthy all-in-one complete nutrition shake, an alternative to unhealthy snacking and junk food, when this is the only option as you’re on the go or in a rush. Furthermore, the motivational shake is supercharged with Functional Superfoods that not only meet your Nutritional needs, but also harness other benefits to your Health, Mood, Emotion and Mental and Physical Performance. Just mix with water, dairy or vegan milk and you’re good to go!

20g | High Quality Proteins

Each serving of the motivational shake contains 20g of complete Protein. We have combined multiple plant-based sources to create a complete protein profile that is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA), ensuring it is comparable to that of animal based products. BCAA are the essential amino acids that cannot be made by your body, but sourced directly from your diet. We have selected these protein sources specifically to ensure that the protein in the motivational shake has good digestibility and therefore high bioavailability. High protein diets, especially those high in BCCAs have been proven to improve physical performance by enhancing muscle growth and recovery and reducing exercise fatigue. High protein diets also encourage early satiety, make you feel more energised and active and increases your basal metabolic due to increased muscle mass.

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