Inspired by 5000-Year-Old dyeing process, GIBIE was founded to provide the finest bath linen through an amalgamation of modern design and traditional natural processes. At GIBIE, we believe there are enough resources available in our nature that can be used to develop superior fabrics without causing harm to the environment. Our story is about tapping into the amazing benefits and utilities that come with natural fibres and dyes and implementing them through latest technologies. Thus, today we have developed some of the finest functional home linens in the world. Our bath linen is one of the finest examples of our vision. GIBIE Bath Linen is made from bamboo/organic cotton and fabricated using innovative weaving technique to provide the most luxurious feel and unsurpassable qualities into our fabric like anti-bacterial, odour resistant, quick-drying and quick absorbent. We use Ayurvedic Herbal Dyeing processes where no chemical is discharged into the water bodies during dyeing process and we get bath linen that is actually good for our skin, maintains aural energy and acts as a mood enhancer.

After working with sustainable-textiles for more than 7-years, Gibie’s Founder, Hitesh learnt that natural resources can also be used to develop functional yet sustainable textiles. The idea was if a sustainable fabric can also improve our personal well-being, it has the potential to change consumer behaviour towards responsible consumption in the most effective way. This idea is what we stand for and this is why GIBIE was born. It took more than 3 years of extensive research, testing and prototyping to develop the first bath linen range – the most unique bath linen in the world in many ways.

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